Trash Patrol is a cooperative multiplayer game. You break into a house and steal predetermined items together with your raccoon friends. Before you can trash the items into the trash can, you need to wash them and blow them dry, using the clouds nearby. To get to higher locations, as well as during the washing and drying of the items, a friend needs to give you a hand. Be carefull tough, the resident of this home is not amused to see you within their home.


Creating the idea

It all started with the desire to create a game about fat adorable thieves - raccoons. After a few brainstorming sessions, Hannah Flattinger refined her idea with Florian Jindra and began writing a treatment for what later became the game "Trash Patrol". It didn't take long to form a team after that, because it's hard to resist the urge to destory and steal while also being fat and adorable. Together, Hannah Flattinger, Jan Mikusch, Tran Khiet Van Ho (Nessi), Marcell Tóth, Jeannette Schwalm, Kerstin Hofer and Lukas Schönwiese (Lou) named their team "The Trashcan Gang" and started with their mission, to create this colorful local coop multiplayer game.


One of the first things the team agreed upon was to always make sure that everyone is on the same page. They set up a routine that included weekly sprint meetings, playtesting and occasional team building events. It also didn't take them long to deepen their original idea and also create tons of different moodboards. In the end they gathered every information they could find about raccoons, similar games and inspirations as well as their moodboards and created their own wiki for their game project. Even though the team had little to no problems working together, the core game idea had to be refined a handful of times to make sure the game could live up to its potential. After they completed their prototype (winter 2020) the team dove headfirst into the actual game developement process and so the production phase began.


The Trashcan Gang started working on the actual game in early 2021, After a while the team had to go back to their original concept to fix a few holes in their gameplay and ultimately made their final concept bullet proof in late spring. They finally conceptualized what they envisioned and made to turn this vision into a game that people loved playing. The game ended up becoming a bright and colorful world, in which player would be able to create that chaos that they always wished to fabricate. The final product will be presented on the 4th of Fabruary in 2022.


  • A chaotic but strategic gameplay
  • A hilariously stupid washing system
  • A colorful and cartoony level to explore
  • Exciting interactions between other players and enemies
  • Tons of weird items to steal



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About The Trashcan Gang

The Trashcan Gang is a group of motivated students from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria. The team has consists of seven people: two Programmer, four 3D Artists and one Audio Artist.
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